30. Trainee Teaching Notes: International Meet

February 19, 2012

1.Introducing  One Act Play

Teaching episode:  Drama

Name of trainee : Jayalekshmi N.S.

Standard: X

Unit: Upon the Thorns of Life

Sub Unit: “The Beggar and the King” by Winthrop Parkhurst

Instructional Objectives:

  • To sensitize the learners to contemporary social issues like poverty and exploitation
  • To enable the learners to construct discourses like story and poem
  • To enable the learners to read and analyse One-Act plays

In order to introduce the complex themes of poverty, suffering and the issues of power in the contemporary world, the teacher makes use of a simple story of a king, his servant and a beggar as described in the One-Act play by Winthrop Parkhurst. As a first step, the teacher with the help of a few pictures of King, his Servant, Beggar and a Crown inspires the learners to write down a story in 5 sentences and a poem on ‘Crown’, in groups. After their presentation, the teacher tells the story and stops  abruptly without a conclusion for creating curiosity in the learners. She also writes down the title, “The Beggar and the King”, by Winthrop Parkhurst on the Black Board.

2.Introducing  Poem, Lines Written in March by William Wordsworth

Name of trainee : Anusree R.Nair

The sessions begins with the introduction of a rhyme related to Nature. The peers are asked to identify the words related to Nature. Next, they  are asked what  they would feel when they are sitting  in  a garden near  a lake and  suddenly  a little breeze blows.

Following  the responses the peers are led to the  Nature poet, William Wordsworth who saw  in Nature his nurse, guide and guardian.  Next,  a chart is displayed depicting  a scenery of Nature with the title of the poem. Then  a volunteer is directed to read aloud the title.

3.Teaching with Technology: Prose

Name of  trainee :  Minu G.S.

In the session, an attempt will be made to demonstrate how  technology can be used in a class room while teaching a short story by  Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “The Son from America”. Through a word puzzle on ‘grandmother’, the teacher creates a proper setting for telling the story. Samuel is returning to his village, after a long gap. The teacher, now, initiates a short discussion on villages in Kerala and plays a video clipping with beautiful scenes from villages in Kerala. She reminds the learners that Samuel’s village is not in Kerala, but in Poland. And Samuel returns to his village, full of hopes and dreams? But, can Samuel fulfil his dreams or will he become frustrated? The teacher asks them to read their Course Book if they want to know about it.

The presentation will make use of PowerPoint, audio, graphics and video clips.

4. Teaching with Technology: Poem

Name of trainee: Anu S. Raj

Instructional Objectives:

1.Enjoy simple poems

2. Grasp the rhythm of the poem

3. Identify the rhyming words in the  poem

4. Identify the imagery in  the poem

Unit: The Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth

The presentation begins with the  slide of a daffodil , next the poet is  introduced. A video clip of the poem along with a recitation is shown.  Visuals  are used to help learners grasp the meaning of difficult words. Next the learners are  made to identify the rhyming words and the images in the poem.

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