19. Question Paper Model Examination October 2011 Paper X

October 29, 2011

Government College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram

Second Semester BEd Degree Model Examination October 2011

(Restructured) B-Optional Subjects: ENGLISH

Paper X : Pedagogical Analysis of Syllabus in  English

Time 2 Hours                                                                                                 Max 50 Marks

I Answer one question

1. Develop a Lesson Plan for 40 minutes duration on the passage given below to teach the pupils of Standard X

Tea-shops in Malayalam Cinema

The small wayside restaurants located mostly in villages and popularly known as ‘tea-shops’, played a crucial role in making  panthibhojanam a way of life in Kerala. The tea-shops were the products of two important social changes that were taking place at the time. One was the increasing freedom of movement in public spaces-acquired by the depressed sections of society. The other was the emergence of an economy based on money. The tea-shop came into existence at a time when wages began to be paid in cash, rather than in kind. It was also the time when people were beginning to travel beyond the boundaries of their villages to sell what they produced in their fields or small workshops.



2.Develop a Lesson Plan to teach the lines from  the poem given below,  to  pupils of

Standard IX.




General, Your Tank is a Powerful Vehicle

It smashes down forests and crushes a hundred men.

But it has one defect:

It needs a driver.


General, your bomber is powerful.

It flies faster than a storm and carries more than an elephant.

But it has one defect:

It needs a mechanic.


General, man is  very useful.

He can fly and he can kill.

But he has one defect:

He can think.



(1X16=16 Marks)





II Answer six questions not exceeding one page each:

3. Devise a situation  in the class to  give practice to your pupils in ‘complaining’.

4. How will you introduce the poem ‘To Nature’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge?

[Std IX Course Book]

5. Suggest  a few criteria for selecting an instructional strategy for teaching a poetry

lesson  at the secondary level.

6. What kind of activity will you give for developing critical  thinking  while teaching in

the English classroom?

7.  With reference to a lesson in the SCERT Course Book, prepare questions to test any

four mental processes.

8. Suggest preparations to be made by the teacher before  engaging a class in the

‘Smart Classroom’.

9. Suggest activities for teaching an unit prescribed for  the secondary level which helps

develop Inter-Personal  Intelligence.

10. At the  end of  the battle, the combatant dead, a man

      approached him

      and said to him: Don’t die, I love you so much!’

      but the corpse,  alas!, kept on dying.

-Lines from ‘Mass’ by Cesar Vallejo [Std IX Course Book] suggest activities for

familiarizing pupils with the relevant social issue.

11. Suggest two activities for teaching ‘Notions’ in English.

12. List down any two common grammatical  errors  made by pupils in  their written

assignments and suggest appropriate remedial measures.

(6X4=24 Marks)


III . Answer all questions in one or two sentences each

13. How would you make pupils understand the differences in meaning of the following

phrasal verbs:

put out

put up

14. Suggest a technique for helping pupils  remember the spelling of words.

15. How will you teach pupils to distinguish pronunciation of /s/ and /z/ ?

16. Suggest a suitable Project Work for ‘Glimpses of a Green Planet’.

[Unit IV Std IX Course Book]

17. Suggest a few technological aids for teaching   ‘Reality to Reel’.

[Unit III Std X Course Book]

18. Editors use symbols to correct  mistakes. [Std X Course Book P 43]   Illustrate  the

use of any two.

19. Suggest ways of teaching the two words given below:

a. seize b. unprecedented [Std IX Course Book P 111]

20.  How  will you introduce the poem ‘Night of the Scorpion’ [Std X Course Book]

21. Suggest  a  Role Play activity for a lesson of your choice in the Std IX Course Book

22. Suggest  ways of using the Tape Recorder for  teaching a lesson in  the Std VIII

Course Book .                                                                                    (10×1=10 Marks)

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